Smart Infrastructure
Service for infrastructure level evaluation of NY state districts
Аccessibility of places for family leisure (cinemas, theaters, cafes, restaurants)

Distance of the object to the city center

Аvailability of kindergartens, schools, shops, bus stops, parking lots,
    Location of residential complex close to fitness centers and gyms

    Аailability of medical institutions (polyclinic or hospitals), highway with heavy traffic
    The infrastructure level is assessed by 129 parameters:
    Infrastructure level evaluation
    Choosing the most suitable unit for investment
    Assessment of investment profitability
    Differentiated approach to valuation in case of different investment scenarios
    Detailed information about areas
    Yellow (1000+) - highest
    orange (100-1000) - medium
    red (less than 100 )- low
    The labels reflect the infrastructure rating:
    Saturation of green color increases as infrastructure improves
    Visualization of infrastructure assessment on New York state map – evaluation visualized in familiar forms and allows you to immediately see the most targeted areas of the city
      Non-linear approach to infrastructure assessment - robust and verified assessment methods allow the most accurate determination of infrastructure levels

      Setting up filtering for different tasks – infrastructure tasks around a hotel and an office center must be solved differently. Filter settings help you solve the tasks you need
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