System of scoring cost analysis of residential and commercial real estate
A service for verifying the market value of residential and commercial real estate using various approaches and methodologies.
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Search for analogues and automated selection system
Extensive database system

Deep, elaborate and flexible coefficient system
Extensive database system
Deep, elaborate and flexible coefficient system
Наша оценка базируется на множестве параметров, что является существенным преимуществом в получении более точной информации об объектах недвижимости в сравнении с не автоматизированными процессами оценивания.
When selecting analogs for assessment, several thousand of the most suitable objects are used, of which the best remain, taking into account all filtering parameters.

A list of adjustments is used for each analogue and all characteristics of the objects are analyzed, which makes it possible to make the most accurate estimate of the value of the object under study.

Our algorithm protects the process from errors inherent in manual analysis, the human factor i s leveled.
Our assessment is based on many parameters, which is a significant advantage in obtaining more accurate information about real estate objects compared to non-automated assessment processes.
SCA Functional
Monitoring and forecasting the value of real estate
Automatic assessment of residential and commercial real estate throughout Russia
Dynamic calculation of the cost of unfinished real estate and calculator of financial indicators
Calculation of the profitability of the construction of future housing and its market value
Comparative analysis of residential complex competitors on the market and selection of the most comparable
Automatic registration of new objects on the real estate market
Automation of comparative and income approaches in real estate assessment
High-quality accounting of all parameters of objects, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments
Dynamic pricing system for new buildings or secondary housing
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