Hackatons have become a part of modern enterprise. This is why.
If you don't know already, hackathons are programming events that last from 24 hours to one week either in the indoor or online format . The purpose of a hackathon is a for a group of programmers to work together on a collaborative project. Most hackathons are competitions where several teams are competing to create prototypes that innovate on a theme or improve upon an existing project. A hackathon has plenty of benefits, which I plan to discuss below.
Create new concepts and ideas
Intense problem-solving environments like hackathons facilitate the creation of innovative ideas and concepts. You must work with people from various fields, with multiple interests and skills, all collaborating to solve the same problem. The fact that there are time constraints make the task more exciting and brings out the best in people.

Company branding
Company-sponsor or organizer of a hackathon can enormously increase its name recognition in its industry. The people who attend the event will become intimately acquainted with your company and its employees. That way they start to understand how your team operates and what you bring to the table.
Talent Acquisition
You can use this opportunity to assess and identify potential talent. If they can produce in this intense, fast-paced environment, odds are they will able to produce at an elevated level at your company. This makes hackathons an excellent way for tech companies to find talent.
Product development
The main idea behind a hackathon is to identify a problem and work collaboratively to create technologies that solve that problem. At the end of the hackathon, companies find that they have one or more prototypes, which could become new products.
The Hackathon from the State Budget Institution "Moscow City Innovation Agency" starts on the 15th of July. More than 300 companies will offer their cases for participants. The partner companies in the Property Technology sector - Fincase, PropTech Russia and Knight Frank.

The event forms the effective interaction of organizations and creative specialists of Moscow in the technology entrepreneurship market. Not only IT specialists and analysts can be involved, but also marketers, project managers, designers, businessmen.

Thanks to the online format, more than 1000 registered participants can choose cases of companies in the following tracks: Industry, Education, Ecology, Transport and Logistics, Financial, IT.

The program provides an opportunity to improve relevant skills for working in the innovation market and the ability to obtain solutions to the current business issues of the company and search for young effective employees for the team.

If you want to get an impulse for development, original ideas and a fresh look at your products from a youth creative audience, then register: https://futuretech.innoagency.ru/

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