Is it worth investing in real estate in a crisis?
Is it worth investing in real estate in a crisis?
Often, recession is a time of new opportunities and a search for sources of income. An asset such as real estate can be a solid foundation for a sense of stability. Of course, you need to choose the investment object correctly. In this case, it will help to keep savings, make a profit and will become a source of constant income. We talk about why investing in real estate right now is the right decision.

· The "viral" factor puts a lot of pressure on the country's economy. First of all, the aggregate solvent demand came under attack, the reduction of which led to a decrease in prices on the real estate market.

· Most small developers leave the market and declare themselves bankrupt. Residential real estate will be built mainly by large players who can raise housing prices.

· The central bank lowers the key rate, as a result, the availability of mortgages and buying activity are increasing. Today, mortgage rates have reached record low rates.

· The great variability of state programs stimulates demand, and accordingly, the cost increases. According to forecasts, by 2021, housing will increase in price by 20-25% compared to 2018-2019.

Despite the instability, the market now has unique conditions for the purchase of residential real estate. And if you thought about this earlier - it's time to make a good investment in the future.
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