Part 2
In the first part of the article we discussed the participation of Fincase in the hackathon from Rostelecom and the project of the Fincase Unicorn Team and their application - a social network for residents of the house. The application helps to solve many important upcoming issues quickly and smoothly. The project of the second team will be relevant after the cancellation of quarantine, when at last it will be possible to look for entertainment / leisure outside the walls of the apartments.

Case 2 : An application for finding leisure activities with customization by interests

KAPMA team chose the track "Urban Environment". The composition includes: team lead , 2 developers and analyst.

o The purpose of the application is to search for places to visit taking into account the interests and location of the user.

o The main feature of the product is its focus on a specific person - his individual desires, tastes, preferences. The application automatically collects information from thematic sites and issues the most suitable events, routes and time for a person, offers options for planning leisure time.

o The application will be useful for finding leisure activities on weekends and holidays, places for meetings and dates. It can be useful both to local residents and tourists who want to get acquainted with the favorite places of citizens.

Alexander Shesterin , back - end :
"It was an unusual format for holding this kind of competition - an online format. Therefore, it was interesting to see how the organizers would arrange everything. In such competitions, the most valuable part is the opportunity to work in a team on a real task in a short time. It is also worth noting communication with a lot of interesting people and listening to a large number of original ideas. This hackathon was another life obstacle for me, something similar, but something not like the others, and its main value is providing an opportunity to overcome a number of difficulties: communication difficulties, difficulties in developing an idea, constructing a solution, bringing it to some logical point ".

Why is it worth participating?

So, after an active weekend at the hackathon and a survey of participants, we came to the conclusion about the benefits of such events:

1) Priceless experience. In 2 days you can implement the idea and get feedback from experts. At the hackathon the organizers create an environment for generating ideas and working together on its implementation.

Mikhail Konstantin Lutsenko, team lead :

"You can compare the hackathon with participation with the Olympiad in the school years. When I entered Moscow State University, during the 11th grade I visited about 10 Olympiads, at 6 of them went to the second round, and at three I took a prize. It was an important experience, because in the first year at university I felt confident - my brain was trained to search for non-standard solutions. Participation in a hackathon enhances self-esteem and let be proud of self-achievements."

2) For the company, the search for talented employees. During the participation, a person displays his "soft" and " hard skills ", which is impossible to verify within an hour of interview.

3) Strengthening team spirit. We all know that the most important thing in a company is human resources, and a close-knit team can achieve much better results by coordinating actions and knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses.

4) Presentation of the idea, or "pitch". It is not enough to create a prototype - it is also important to present it, to convey the value and benefit of the product. A quality demo is a great chance to impress the jury, participants, partners and potential investors. This is the culmination of the whole event and the good news is that this is an acquired skill, and at the hackathon you can hone it!

We discussed all the advantages of participating in hackathons , talked about the prototypes created , shared sincere feedback from our team members. It's definitely worth participating in hackathons - each time the team becomes stronger, more united , and the participants, in addition to invaluable experience, get a critical look at themselves and outline development points.

We still have many tops ahead, we know that with every new step we grow and victory becomes closer!
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